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      Scott Fernandez Plan for Immediate Actions

·      Suspend Portland residential and commercial water utility rate increases for 2 years

·      Begin EPA LT2 waiver process exempting Portland from adding unnecessary drinking water treatment and covering Mount Tabor  and Washington Park Reservoirs

·      Establish budget process funding basic needs first,
  the pet projects’ negative economic impacts

·      Establish water and sewer deferred maintenance jobs programs

·       Fully fund Portland Parks and Recreation budget first from general fund

·      Establish  Non – Lethal Animal Shelter as a self-funding non-profit Public Trust  “return to friends and family” program

·      Return to weekly garbage pickup

·    Stabilize City of Portland portion of residential and commercial property taxes, bring into city general fund

photo ©Lawrence Hudetz
 No to Nestle Foods proposal to bottle Columbia Gorge water


March 10, 2012

To: Governor John Kitzhaber MD

From: Sunnyside Environmental School

Subject: Nestle Foods Plastic Bottled Water

Dear Governor Kitzhaber,

We recently learned that the Oregon Water Resources Department has approved initial applications needed to allow Nestle Foods to take and bottle Columbia Gorge water. Water transfer rights that can negatively affect salmon are being processed as we speak today.

Please meet with members of community to hear concerns about the economic and ecological impacts of this proposal. More than 10,000 comments from labor, citizen organizations, and environmental groups opposing Nestle’ Foods plastic water bottling plant have been sent to Salem. They have requested the state to take a stand against corporate privatizing of our public water.

As the next generation who want to enjoy the Columbia Gorge along with its natural fish and wildlife as they are today please grant the request from members of the community to meet with you as soon as possible.

Sunnyside Environmental School http://governor.oregon.gov/Gov/contact.shtml


Oregon Water Resources Department is now reviewing 2 water rights transfers at Cascade Locks to divert fresh spring water used for raising salmon at the ODFW Oxbow fish hatchery, to the city of Cascade Locks. This pure spring water will be privatized to Swiss corporation Nestlé Foods to sell as plastic bottled water. In exchange for the cool temperature spring water needed by the salmon, the Oxbow Hatchery will receive ground water used in conjunction with the city of Cascade Locks. Water that has different chemistry and temperature profiles. A growing concern is that the aquifer water to be used at the Oxbow hatchery for sensitive salmon eggs may be re-charged from nearby Columbia River water, containing nuclear exposures from Hanford and contaminants from upstream sewage discharge. Bottling plants are highly automated meaning few jobs. Nestle transport trucks and pollutants will be unnecessarily added to the Columbia Gorge.




·      Write Governor Kitzhaber today- NO NESTLE

                              Scott Fernandez M.Sc.     





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