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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                     February 5, 2012                                                                  

CONTACT: Scott Fernandez                                                        503-282-1894

www.scottfernandezformayor.com   infoscottfernandezformayor@gmail.com                                                                   

Portland Native Scott Fernandez Announces Candidacy For Mayor

Scott Fernandez is a new face on the City of Portland Mayoral campaign scene.  “The City of Portland is at an economic cross road because of past and current wasteful spending. Responsible spending programs addressing the basic needs are required now,” said Fernandez. 

Economic experience- As a true businessman, and member of the Portland Utility Review Board for most of the last decade, Scott has many years of budget experience in both the private and public sector. He knows where wasteful bureau spending can be identified and eliminated, benefiting the residential and commercial ratepayers.

Proven Community Leadership- For the last decade Scott Fernandez has consistently stood up to the EPA, City of Portland elected officials, and Portland Water Bureau. In 2002 Scott was the first person to scientifically challenge the EPA mandate to add Bull Run drinking water treatment, and cover our open reservoirs for a public health problem that does not exist.  As a trained drinking water microbiologist he has consistently shown the EPA LT2 regulation to be scientifically flawed, unreliable, and must now be repealed. 

Clean Money Candidate - Unlike the leading candidates, Scott will not be accepting contributions from “out of state “and other “outside interests “. These money contributions make candidates beholden to promises made to “big money”, spending commitments, and undue influence.


Citizens file appeal of Bull Run Project             Monday February 27, 2012





Date: December 29, 2011

To: Oregon Health Authority

Subject: City of Portland Variance Request

The unfortunate 1993 drinking water event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was a result of operator error and a catastrophic drinking water sewage exposure. However, those who were ill and those who died cannot lay blame on Cryptosporidium spp. as the sole etiological agent of disease in this sewage event. The primary assumption of Cryptosporidium spp. as the cause was erroneously based on identification from blocks of ice.  EPA directs; frozen samples of Cryptosporidium spp. are to be rejected based on morphological irregularities and therefore inconclusive. The 403,000 person estimate of illness was later dismissed because of poor statistical methodology. Only several hundred showed alleged positive stools, confirming the numbers remain exaggerated. Commercial labs analyzing Cryptosporidium spp. samples in 1994 were determined to be inconsistent and therefore unreliable. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been wastefully spent trying to prove a Cryptosporidium spp. drinking water public health problem exists in municipally treated surface water utilities and open reservoir facilities. Yet not one of the EPA proposed benefits of this scientifically flawed regulation have come true. Since 1993 Milwaukee;

·       No municipally treated surface water Cryptosporidium spp. outbreaks

·       No deaths from municipally treated surface water systems

(1994 Las Vegas deaths from Cryptosporidium spp. and drinking water were later redacted)

·       No data demonstrating municipally treated drinking water endemic occurrence

All of the source water sampling, genotyping, cell culturing, scat analysis, etc., cannot bring to a logical conclusion the need for the EPA LT2 regulation. Individually and collectively these data variables are nothing more than assumptions based on estimates that are inconsistent, unreliable, and therefore scientifically unsupported. They are unable to demonstrate Cryptosporidium spp. as an inherent, let alone an emerging microbial public health problem from municipally treated surface drinking water.  

There is a decades long-standing disconnect between; surface drinking water Cryptosporidium spp. public health evidence, and the continued waste of money to find a drinking water public health problem that does not exist. This was confirmed even a decade ago by the Bull Run Treatment Panel that added water treatment would provide “no measurable benefit”.

Ultimately the Variance process has provided little useful information with no expectation of a successful outcome because of continued use of flawed and scientifically unsupportable methodologies. As the next step we must acknowledge the unnecessary and wasteful spending needs to stop and request a complete Waiver from LT2 added drinking water treatment and covering open reservoirs. It is now time to repeal the historically onerous and scientifically unsubstantiated EPA Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Drinking Water Rule.


Scott Fernandez           M.Sc. biology/ microbiology



News Articles


Tuesday, April 17, 2012                                                                                   from Jack's Blog

Scott Fernandez in the House, interview with Scott Fernandez

"The guy makes so much sense. A vote for him would make a statement not only to the "Big 3" candidates, but also to the lame mainstream media, who are steadfastly ignoring Fernandez and other good candidates. Don't hold your nose this time -- vote like you feel it."

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012                                                                             from Jack's Blog

"If you want the mayoral candidate who has put the greatest effort (for over a decade) to stop the Regional Water Plan to privatize Portland's Bull Run water supply, a vote for Scott Fernandez will send a strong message and leader to City Council to shift policies back to where they belong."

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012                                                                             from Jack's Blog

Not just another hat in the ring                                                   

Scott Fernandez, a biologist who's been part of the crew battling the Portland water bureau for years over its many questionable expenditures, informs us that he's decided to run for mayor. We're surprised, but not unpleasantly so. Fernandez seems like a bright guy who has put in a lot of time and energy fighting junk science and turning over many rocks to reveal curious behavior by the city's water bureaucrats.

To call his candidacy a longshot would be an understatement. Fernandez reminds us of Jason Renaud, the mental health advocate who ran for mayor four years ago, mostly as a means of publicizing mistreatment of the mentally ill by police and other local bureaucracies. If running for office helped Renaud get out his message about the brutal killing of James Chasse and other outrages against the mentally ill, it was worth it. And we feel much the same way about Fernandez.

And so if you can't bring yourself to vote for any of the "big three" versions of the status quo currently running for mayor, and if Max Brumm is too young for your liking, you might want to think about voting for Fernandez, if for no other reason than to tell the water bureau what you think of its recent performance.

But Fernandez's ideas are bigger than just water. He sees waste in many facets of the city government -- as his website puts it, "where cronyism runs rampant at the expense, both literally and figuratively, of hard-working ratepayers and taxpayers." Amen to that. Can you imagine how refreshing it would be to have a mayor with that perspective? It would be priceless. We wish him the best on the campaign trail.

See campaign ads in the February SE Examiner and the NW Examiner


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